Not Liking What You See In Your #FaceAppChallenge – Kickstart These Treatments Now!

face app gordon

Have you jumped on the face app challenge bandwagon yet? If you look at your much older looking faces – most of the aging changes lie in the skin. For the last decade, dermal fillers and Botox are the most sought-after injectables that plump the skin and erase lines. In recent years, the latest in the skin rejuvenation realm is to infuse your skin with “goodies” that actually make your skin more youthful and behave younger, rather than just look younger.





PDRN stands for polydeoxyribonucleotide. Boosting cell rejuvenation and repair, it targets skin wrinkles and dark eye circles. In fact, PDRN, also found in SW1 Clinic‘s popular Youth Savant treatment, has been successfully used to treat chronic conditions like bad scarring and diabetic ulcers, a testimony of its reparative powers. “Youth Savant is an anti-aging treatment that truly “anti-ages”, equipping the skin with the building blocks to repair and behave younger,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling, Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Clinic.

For the face, the purpose is not to fill up the tissues like a dermal filler, where you will see an instant, albeit temporary, plumping action. PDRN improves the skin substance itself and as it takes time to repair aging changes, the effect may only be apparent after a few weeks.

SW1 Clinic Youth Savant
The benefits of PDRN

How is it done?

The doctor uses either tiny needles to inject PDRN into the skin or a blunt needle (cannula) to inject just under the skin. The technique used will depend on your skin needs.



Mild bruising, prick marks and swelling for up to 2-3 days.



$700 – $1200 per ml. Do ensure you go to a recommended clinic which uses genuine and approved products. Be wary of the authenticity of injections in establishments that touts low cost “Rejuran” treatments.


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Nanofat Injections


There is nothing more biologically compatible with your tissues (and hence more effective) than your own fat. Extracted from your own fat and concentrated to an essence containing stem cells and growth factors, Nanofat is then injected into the skin, giving superior skin rejuvenation and repair. Similar to PDRN, it is best for fine wrinkles, dark eye circles and crepey skin around the lips. Since fat extraction (aka liposuction) is part of the procedure, Microfat injections are commonly done at the same time to improve the aesthetic contours of the face.

nanofat grafting
Undereye brightening effect with lower eyelid fat removal and nanofat injections

How is it done?

The plastic surgeon will first aspirate fat from the patient’s area of preference. The fat extracted is processed and reinjected into the skin (or scar) using tiny needles or with a blunt needle under the skin. The technique used will depend on your skin needs.


Mild bruising or prick marks and swelling for 2-3 days. If combined with Microfat grafting, the downtime can be 5 – 7 days. As only small amounts of fat is aspirated, the site of fat collection will have some bruising but minimal discomfort.



From $3000 per area.


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