How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

smooth armpit

Most women of average weight and above will have some amount of armpit fat. Those who have them will attest for how annoying it feels, when their armpit fat bulges out of an otherwise perfectly fitted dress. Often, these are not only composed of fat but are actually breast tissues, unaffectionately known as axillary breasts or accessory breasts. Being breast tissues, you may find that they change in size with menstrual cycles and occasionally, you may even find the hint of a nipple on them, like a small raised nodule. Here are some ways Dr Chia Hui Ling, female plastic surgeon from SW1 Clinic recommends to remove different forms of armpit fat:


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Small Armpit Fat

If the bulge is small, surgery may not be required and fat dissolving injections, such as Lipodissolve or Kybella, may suffice to flatten the armpit contour.  These injections are performed monthly for several sessions before you see results.

Small microinjections of Lipodissolve will help with armpit contouring for people with small amounts of armpit fat


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Large Armpit Fat

If you have substantial amounts of armpit fat or axillary breasts, the way to address them is by Vaser Liposuction. Vaser technology utilizes ultrasonic energy to emulsify the fat to allow more thorough removal, but yet still keeping pain and bruising to a minimal. Another function of Vaser Liposuction is skin tightening, which is superb for dealing with the pesky loose skin after axillary fat removal.

liposuction armpit fat
Before and after Vaser liposuction of armpit fat and axillary breasts


For very large axillary breasts with excessive loose skin, beyond what Vaser can tighten, your plastic surgeon may advise that you remove the axillary breasts by surgical excision instead. Using this method, there will be a scar where the skin and fat are removed but it is more effective in recontouring the armpit.


axillary breasts
Surgical excision of axillary breasts with excess skin will give a better contour than other techniques


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Axillary Nipple

For those with an extra axillary or accessory nipple, the only way to remove this reliably is by surgical removal. This will leave a small scar (depending on the size of the accessory nipple), usually planned along a skin crease, which becomes less conspicuous with time.

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