5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Fat Grafting

Fat transfer volumizes the face and breasts

  1. How much of the fat will stay?

The amount of fat retention depends on the technique of fat transfer and the surgeon’s skills. In general, around 30% of the fat will be resorbed away by the body. A gentler fat graft processing method (which keeps more fat cells alive) and meticulous injection technique are some factors that will help fat retention. Often, the fat that is still sticking around after 3 months tend to be permanent. Nonetheless, we lose fat volume as we age and these surviving fat cells may start to shrink with the years too.

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  1. Does it help with body contouring

When it comes to fat harvesting, Vaser liposuction, which uses ultrasound to emulsify fat, is not suitable because fat cells are destroyed in the process. Because ultrasound cannot be used when collecting fat for fat transfer, you may not see the contouring results that Vaser can deliver. It is possible to proceed with Vaser after fat harvest though, so if you are interested in getting your body contoured, on top of fat transfer, do discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

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  1. The other benefits

Our fat houses many stem cells and growth factors. After injection to the face and breasts, many find a significant improvement in the quality of the skin too.

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  1. How do I pick a provider?

As with all cosmetic surgeries, the risks far outweigh the benefits when price shopping for a discount. Ensure that you consult a fully accredited plastic surgeon, experienced with fat grafting. Sound out for reliable friends’ reviews or reviews from reliable online portals such as Realself.  Also ask if the procedure will be monitored by a trained anaesthetist and carried out in an approved day surgery facility. Safety is always first.

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  1. How much does it cost?

Fat graft is often charged per area. Full face fat grafting may range from $5,000 – $15,000. Breast fat graft $10,000 to $20,000.

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