Why Breast Augmentation was One of the Best Decisions of Jane’s life


My best friend Jane (not her real name) always felt self-conscious about her chest. Not that they are small. She had a condition known as tuberous breast, where the growth of her breast is abnormaly limited and misshapen. We were close friends and she confided in me about her insecurities and finally picked up courage to explore plastic surgery 7 years ago.


tuberous breast
“Tuberous breast is a condition where the base of the breast is abnormally constricted, limiting normal expanision of the breast during development,” explained Plastic Surgeon Dr Chia Hui Ling, “It is characterised by a tubular shaped breast, that is also often undersized and sags.” Options to correct this deformity includes doing a release of the constriction and expansion of the breast base, a breast lift, breast implants or all of the above.”


She went for 3 consultations with her mother before she decided on a female plastic surgeon experienced in breast cosmetic surgeries because she felt more comfortable with a lady surgeon. Jane felt reassured to see the before and after results by her plastic surgeon, for patients with similar condition as her. She had breast augmentation with breast lift (augmentation mastopexy).


Jane wants to be open and share her journey and experiences, to help others in her position.  “I want to share my story because I feel that many women are unhappy when they look in the mirror, and they may feel dejected. I am a living proof that there is something that you can do, and that can put you in control and lift your spirits.”


When asked was it worth it? “To this day seven years later, it was the best decision I ever made – no regrets.” As a friend, I noticed a clear difference in her confidence too. “I feel happy with my body and my relationships. I am not asking to be perfect, and I am not, but I have a new found self-esteem and self-love.”

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