Facelift – Non-Surgical Alternatives If You Are Not Ready For Surgery

A facelift (or rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens loose skin and muscles of the face and neck. Essentially it reverses many elements that are secondary to aging – sagging, deep folds, jowls, muscle laxity, and banding of the neck. If you are not ready to go under the knife, what are your alternatives?


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Thread lifts are the closest non-surgical alternative to a full facelift. Bladeless, lifting threads are placed into facial tissuesusing fine needles. Thread lifts are designed to sculpt the face by  “grabbing” tissues using cones or barbs, and anchoring it at a higher level. The latest threads on the market does more than just lifting. Newer threads, such as the Silhouette Instalift and Infinity Instalift, has a biostimulatory effect. Once inserted into our tissues, the threads stimulates the formation of collagen matrix that supports the lift, even after the threads dissolves over the next few months.


Buccal Fat Reduction with thread lift
A more beautiful jawline after buccal fat reduction and thread lift
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If the thought of needles is too much for you, radiofrequency (RF) or ultrasound therapy treatments, such as Thermage FLX, or Ultherapy, may appeal to you. These devices use heat to stimulate collagen production deep under the skin’s surface. Although they give a fraction of the results of a facelift, it is totally non-invasive. They are popular amongst younger women, who has little saggy tissues and wants a more lifted V-jawline. Many young women are doing  skin tightening treatments annually, to fend off a facelift for as long as they can.


Jaw sculpting with Ulthera
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Injectable fillers can add volume to the skin for a more lifted appearance, albeit temporarily. Also known as a liquid facelift, a doctor administers hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane or Juvéderm, often in combination with neurotoxins, like Botox or Xeomin, which relax expression lines. The effects can last up to a year, depending on the type of filler that’s used.


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