5 Questions To Ask Before A Lip Augmentation

You’ve heard about them and probably considered getting one as well! No longer reserved only for Hollywood celebrities, lip augmentations are perhaps one of the most popular aesthetic procedures to indulge in. Fat grafting is rising in popularity, as a longer lasting alternative to fillers, and well received by clients – Hollywood and local celebrities included! From the how’s and why’s to what to expect, these 5 questions will give you all the answers you may be seeking on lip fat grafting.


red lip augmentation



  1. Who should get a lip augmentation?

The motivation behind a lip augmentation may be different – some prefer fuller lips whilst others are looking to counter thinning ones due to ageing. Regardless of the reason you are seeking surgical enhancement of your lips, as long as you are healthy and with no serious allergies or ailments, the lip augmentation procedure is a great feature enhancer that almost anyone can consider.


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  1. Who should you get one from?

The number one reason to not get a lip augmentation is to save yourself from the infamous ‘trout pout’. Botched-up jobs and overdone lips seriously highlight the importance of using the right surgeon or practitioner – the fate of your lips lies completely in his or her hands.

Look for a plastic surgeon who specialises in aesthetic treatments and is able to give you the right course for your expectations. “Whether it’s fillers or fat graft, consult a doctor who understands facial contours and proportions,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling, Plastic Surgeon from the award-winning SW1 Clinic, “and someone who respect your preferences so that you can achieve beautiful results that you are also comfortable with.”

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  1. What is the lip fat grafting process like?

Dr Chia explains that lip fat grafting at SW1 Clinic should be performed by plastic surgeons experienced with microfat grafting technique. Performed under sedation, with fat harvested from your area of preference, this procedure involves injecting the fat in lips using fine needles that leave no scars. Apart from volumising and shaping the lips, the native stem cells within fat grafts will also soften lines and wrinkles on and around the lips. “Many clients also choose to rejuvenate the rest of the face with fat grafting in the same setting and combine with nanofat to treat fine lines and dark circles,” added Dr Chia. The process takes about 1 hour and you’ll need a few months to see the actual effects of this lip (and life) enhancing treatment.


pink lip augmentation

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  1. What about recovery time?

This hour-long procedure involves a downtime of about 5 days. Other than lip swelling and bruising during the first week, there are little or no signs of the treatment. Painkillers, anti-swelling medications and antibiotics will be prescribed.

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  1. Why not just get fillers instead?


Fuller lips can also be achieved by various other techniques such as dermal fillers. Non-invasive and with a low or no downtime, lip fillers are preferred by some, over surgical lip augmentation with fat graft. On the flip side, fillers do need you to go back for refills and the costs tend to add up with every session.

Fat grafting, in comparison, is a more permanent solution to lip enhancement. With fat harvested from your preferred body area (a plus for many), this natural filler will remain in place, giving you fuller lips for longer. The best solution, as always, is to first chat with your plastic surgeon on all available options and then taking the course of action most suited to your needs.

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