Getting A Brow Lift – What You Need to Know

In A Nutshell…

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that raises the skin of your forehead and eyebrows to correct a sagging or asymmetrical brow, smooth forehead lines and wrinkles, and give the upper part of your face a younger, more alert appearance. The procedure is often combined with a facelift or upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty).

brow lift image



There are several different forehead lift techniques, some more invasive than others. All are done in a hospital or day surgery facility, by an accredited plastic surgeon. Surgery takes between one to two hours and is performed while you are under anaesthesia. Swelling, bruising, pain, and numbness are normal during recovery, which can take up to two weeks to settle. Results can be dramatic and lasting but are not permanent, because your facial skin will continue to lose elasticity as you age.


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Pros and Cons



  • A brow lift can smooth deep creases and lift sagging skin—a level of results you can’t get from Botox and fillers.
  • Surgery takes only an hour or two, and you’ll go home on the same day.
  • Patient satisfaction with brow lifts is high. In a study reported in JAMA Plastic Surgery, 93% of patients were happy with the results of their endoscopic brow lift; 96% said they would recommend the procedure.
  • Most RealSelf members who had a brow lift deemed it “Worth It” for giving them a more youthful appearance without too many side effects or downsides.


  • You might have visible scarring, though new techniques are better at minimizing the size of incisions and hiding them under your hair.
  • As with all cosmetic surgery, results don’t always meet expectations—and a small percentage of people will need revision surgery.
  • Numbness around the incision sites could be a long-term side effect.
  • Hair loss may occur around the incision sites.
  • Risk of nerve damage, visible scars or poor results.


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How does a forehead lift work?

Your surgeon will use one of a few different approaches, depending on your facial anatomy and goals. “The presence of deep horizontal forehead lines, the thickness of the brows, the amount of brow asymmetry, the height of the forehead, the position of the hairline, the hair color and density, and the patient’s typical hairstyle are all factors that play in to determining the best technique for each individual patient.

All brow lift procedures involve incisions and lifting the skin, although the size and location of the incisions vary.

Before your procedure, you’ll get general anaesthesia or sedation through an IV, so you’ll be asleep during your surgery and surgery takes around 2 hours. You will be able to go home after a brief time in the recovery room. You must have someone to take you home, since you are likely to feel groogy from the anaesthesia.


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