Breast Augmentation DOs and DON’Ts

Nothing comes close to hearing it from someone who just had a breast enhancement surgery. One of my friends Jenn had breast augmentation with Motiva implants. I remembered she was extremely anxious before the surgery. But now, 6 months down the road, she told us she wished she had done it earlier. Still, there were a few things she wished she knew earlier. I’m thrilled that she agreed to share her list of DOs and DON’Ts for breast augmentation with us!

breast implants


  1. Find a fully-accredited / board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with breast enhancement surgeries. I chose mine from word-of-mouth. Other sources include reliable review websites like RealSelf.
  2. Spend as long as you need with your plastic surgeon. Write questions down beforehand so you don’t forget. Avoid (possibly unreliable) information overload from “Dr. Google”. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon too.
  3. Ask for a 3D Simulation System, like Vectra 3D. Many plastic surgeons specialising in breast enhancement surgeries have this in their practice. It helped me in deciding the implant I want.
  4. Check which brand of implants are used. My plastic surgeon had 2 brands and I chose Motiva implants, which are the latest generation (and safest) and came with 10 year warranty too.
  5. Post-surgery care is just as important as the surgery itself. Take note of these instructions (I was given a printed one). This will help with better results and a faster recovery. I had to wear a special bra and did not need massage. I read on a few websites that massage is required but after clarifying with my surgeon, she explained that post-surgery care differs between the type of implants used and between individuals (depending on their chest shape and previous breast size). Hence point 2.




  1. Don’t use other women’s / friend’s / celebrity’s implant size as a guide. I wanted a 200+cc but ended up with a perfect 335cc. Part of our hour-long consultation, my plastic surgeon explained that volume depends on each individual’s body frame. I’m so glad I listened to her.
  2. Don’t assume ‘bigger is better’. I did have simulation with larger sizes but I was warned against implants that are too big for my frame. Not only will they make me look fat, larger implants have more complications.
  3. Don’t expect to see results immediately. The results were full and firm at first, and took around 3 months to soften into a more natural feel and shape
  4. Don’t do the surgery to please others



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