The New Forehead Beautification Uncovered

It is definitely an underrated beauty feature. Taking up a third of your face (ideally), a creaseless full forehead is both youthful and endearing. Looking at this Louis Vuitton photo of top models, smooth and full forehead is a common element in their faces. For many people, their focus of beautification has shifted north to include… Read More The New Forehead Beautification Uncovered

Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Explained From Day 1 to 30

Your plastic surgeon may suggest a rhinoplasty as the answer to reach your ideal nasal aesthetics or to correct a deviated nose, especially if it causes nasal obstruction.   If you are considering a rhinoplasty, it’s important to know not just about the surgical procedure but the protocol following surgery as well. Although it may take a… Read More Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Explained From Day 1 to 30

4 Ways Fat Can Change Your Face

Fat grafting is the go-to treatment these days for volumizing the face. Apart from facial contouring, the less-known wonders of fat are in rejuvenating the skin and accelerating skin repair. Fat is a powerhouse of growth factors and stem cells (also known as adipose-derived stem cells, or ADSCs), both of which depletes with age. The well-loved “side-effect”… Read More 4 Ways Fat Can Change Your Face