5 Things You Need To Know Before Liposuction

  Choose An Accredited Plastic Surgeon   Liposuction results depends highly on the experience and skills of the plastic surgeon. Apart from selecting a highly-trained surgeon with proven results, ensure your surgery is performed in a licensed facility, by an experienced team, who puts your safety above all else. Read More: If You’re Feeling Lumpy,… Read More 5 Things You Need To Know Before Liposuction

Doctor-Approved Fat-Busting Treatments

  We ask plastic surgeons to share their favourite list of surgical and non-surgical fat-cutting, body contouring treatments:   Liposuction Nothing beats good ol’ liposuction when it comes to fat-busting. Liposuction, or aspirating the fat out, is the most efficient way of removing fat from the face and body. It is a surgical procedure, requiring… Read More Doctor-Approved Fat-Busting Treatments