Anti-Aging Secrets Of The Ultra-Rich

Anti-aging is all about maintenance. The wealthy goes for regular facials. The ultra-rich flies in to their elite plastic surgeons and aesthetic consultants every month. From enjoying regular medi-facials to have their skins infused with the most potent anti-aging agents, to receiving the latest cutting-edge procedures to reverse aging. All complete with little downtime, to… Read More Anti-Aging Secrets Of The Ultra-Rich

Breast Augmentation in Singapore – Truths and Myths

There are numerous myths surrounding breast augmentation that may cause unnecessary worry to women considering breast implants. Girlfriday speaks to Dr. Chia Hui Ling, from SW1 Clinic, who shares with us 4 common misconceptions, the truth that lies beneath and the real risks we should know. Read More: 5 Efficient Ways to Transform your Body… Read More Breast Augmentation in Singapore – Truths and Myths

Battling Pregnancy Beauty Woes – II. Pigmentation

In the first instalment of our series on Pregnancy Beauty Woes and Fixes, we covered the concerns and solutions for Mummy Tummy. This week, we ask skin experts from SW1 Clinic on the latest innovations to curb pregnancy skin pigmentation. Highs and Lows of Pregnancy Skin We love the radiant complexion that accompanies pregnancy, thanks… Read More Battling Pregnancy Beauty Woes – II. Pigmentation