How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Most women of average weight and above will have some amount of armpit fat. Those who have them will attest for how annoying it feels, when their armpit fat bulges out of an otherwise perfectly fitted dress. Often, these are not only composed of fat but are actually breast tissues, unaffectionately known as axillary breasts… Read More How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Doctor-Proven Ways To Get Rid Of The Double Chin Forever

A coveted beauty standard, especially in Asia, is to achieve a more V-shaped face. A V-line visage gives a more youthful, feminine and slim appearance. One of the problems that stands in the way of a sculpted jawline is a double chin. Forget temporary and ineffective  measures like contouring makeup and “slimming” cream. We ask… Read More Doctor-Proven Ways To Get Rid Of The Double Chin Forever

Doctor-Approved Fat-Busting Treatments

  We ask plastic surgeons to share their favourite list of surgical and non-surgical fat-cutting, body contouring treatments:   Liposuction Nothing beats good ol’ liposuction when it comes to fat-busting. Liposuction, or aspirating the fat out, is the most efficient way of removing fat from the face and body. It is a surgical procedure, requiring… Read More Doctor-Approved Fat-Busting Treatments