What You Need To Know Before A Filler Treatment – The 2020 Edition


plump skin

Dermal filler injections, or more affectionately known as fillers, are a staple in every cosmetic surgery clinic. The popularity of these plumping syringes has not waned over the years. And it is not surprising considering these injections take a few minutes to take a few years off your face. But after being around for nearly 2 decades, what is new in the realms of dermal fillers in 2020?



HA At Its Best

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is one of the main constituents of dermal fillers. With the technology to tweak HA into a more stabilized form, HA now wears another hat. “On top of adding volume, this more stabilized form of HA in SW1 Clinic’s Youth Preserve Profhilo treatment releases HA slowly and stimulates your own collagen formation,” explains Dr Chia Hui Ling, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Clinic.

Profhilo before and after
Before and after Youth Preserve Profhilo treatment

After Youth Preserve, clients find their skin super hydrated ( = youthful) and continues to see their skin improving over the next few months as their own skin collagen production is revved up.

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Buffed Up HA

In contrast to Youth Preserve, which leaves a veil of volume and hydration across thirsty, aged skin, sometimes fillers are targeted at augmentation, like building a nose bridge or augmenting the chin. The latest Volux Dermal Fillers from Juverderm does just that. “It is the most “buffed” amongst other fillers on the market and has the strength to lift the nasal bridge and chin to greater heights,” added Dr Chia, who also uses Volux to augment the cheeks and jawline, which loses definition as we age. It is also longer lasting than previous editions of dermal fillers… 18 to 24 months!

volux before after
Chin augmentation with Volux HA Injection
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HA Cocktails

To work these filler injections even harder, other goodies are being added into the syringes to deliver multiple benefits to the skin. Some notable ones that Dr Chia recommends in her clinic include highly popular skin rejuvenator Rejuran (or PDRN) and Sunekos, which contains anti-aging, skin repair aminio acids.

rejuran before after
Skin restoration with Rejuran injection

It is also good to know that most HA fillers now have pain-numbing local anaesthetic in the syringe – score!

sunekos before after
Skin rejuvenation after Sunekos injection
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