The New Forehead Beautification Uncovered

It is definitely an underrated beauty feature. Taking up a third of your face (ideally), a creaseless full forehead is both youthful and endearing. Looking at this Louis Vuitton photo of top models, smooth and full forehead is a common element in their faces. For many people, their focus of beautification has shifted north to include the forehead.

forehead fillers
A full forehead is an underrated beautifying and youthful feature, seen here in many top models
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Prevent Forehead Creases

The forehead is the platform of many facial expressions. “Raising of the brows and frowning both etch lines onto the forehead and between the brows,” explains Dr Tan Ying Chien, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon from SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic. These may be temporary to start (“dynamic wrinkles”), creasing only during expressions, but over time these creases become “static wrinkles”, meaning they have found permanent resident status on your face, and are there to stay even when you are not making an expression.

This is why Botox is trending as a preventative aesthetic procedure. Botox weakens facial muscles responsible for skin creasing and prevents wrinkles – both dynamic and static. A touch of Botox  to the brows will also give a Botox brow lift, giving better brow aesthetics and lighten upper eyelid heaviness and hooding.

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Erase Forehead Lines

Deflation is a relentless stigma of aging. Just like breasts and cheeks, the forehead also slowly recedes and flattens with age. Be it your natural facial skeleton or due to aging, restoring fullness to the forehead and temples will give a youthful, child-like appearance. There are 2 main ways to plump up the forehead. Filler is the quick, no-surgery way. Forehead fillers and temple fillers are done in a clinic visit. In the right hands, the result are instant and natural, and normally lasts for a few months.

If you are looking for longer lasting results, using your own fat to augment the forehead and temples in the way to go. Dr Tan explains that fat is harvested using liposuction from your body area of preference, before being re-injected to fill the forehead and temples. Known as fat grafting, or fat transfer, this will give a natural, long lasting result.

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Baby Smooth Forehead Skin

Nanofat grafting is an advanced application of fat grafting, where the fat harvest is further processed to concentrate thegrowth factors and stem cells, both excellent for skin repair and rejuvenation. Often performed together with fat grafting, Nanofat grafting will improve forehead lines and rejuvenate the skin. If you are not ready to have surgery, an excellent alternative is Youth Savant, or PDRN. Made from Salmon DNA, the skin-boosting Youth Savant injection is an all-time favourite at SW1 Clinic.

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