Facial Implants That Totally Transform Your Looks

When it comes to the face, it is all about balance. If one facial feature is overpowering or distracting, because it is too big or small, it can disrupt the aesthetic balance of your face. Facial implants adds structural volume to the face and a common procedure in many cosmetic surgery practices to enhance the facial profile and proportions. According to Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Chia Hui Ling from SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic, many Oriental patients complains of flat nose bridge and tip, sunken cheeks and “no” chin. In her approach to treating these conditions, Dr Chia explains that the key is to consider the entire face when augmenting these features, so that the corrected feature is harmonized with the rest of the face.


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Chin Implants

Central to the contour of the lower face, the chin is an important aesthetic feature. A disproportionate chin not only disrupts the facial proportions, it also affects the appearance of other features.  A small or weak chin can make your nose appear bigger, the cheeks rounder and lower face more saggy. For these reasons, apart from giving more chin projection, chin implants adds can transform your entire face, including a more youth jawline and neck.

Chin implant
A chin augmentation can improve the facial profile and give the impression of a smaller nose and slimmer neck and jawline


Surgery incision: In the mouth, between the lower teeth and lip

Common implant materials: Silicone, Medpore

Alternatives: Fat graft, dermal fillers

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Nasal Implants

In the face, the nose is a prominent feature and many request for a rhinoplasty to improve a flat nose bridge and a broad nasal tip, to achieve a more beautiful facial profile. Nasal implants will raise and narrow the nasal bridge. More importantly, the raised bridge must also join elegantly to a slim and defined nose tip. As such, nasal implant surgery, or nasal augmentation, is often coupled with a tip plasty to create a natural-looking and refined nose.

perfect nose
It is not only about raising the nasal bridge. In an aesthetic nasal profile, the bridge continues elegantly into a refined nose tip

Incision: Inside the nostrils or along the columellar (skin over the lower septum)

Common implant materials: Silicone, Gore-tex

Alternatives: Dermal graft, cartilage graft, dermal fillers and nasal thread lift


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Cheek Implants

Whether you are born with sunken cheekbones or has deflating cheeks as a result of aging, restoring fuller cheeks beautifies and rejuvenates to the face. Cheek implants, usually inserted scarlessly through the mouth, gives instant projection and the change to the facial profile can be dramatic.  Unlike the nose and chin, where strong structural augmentation is desired, for the cheeks, a softer fullness is often preferred, especially in the Asian culture. More popular choices nowadays are fat grafting or dermal filler injections to the cheeks, where a more natural and dynamic augmentation can be achieved. The tear trough (undereye hollows), which is in continuation with the cheek, can be addressed at the same time. Still, cheek implants has a part to play for individuals with very retruded facial skeleton.

Before and after fat grafting
Fat grafting to the cheeks has both a volumizing and rejuvenating effect

Incision: Inside the mouth, between the upper teeth and lip

Common implant material: Silicone, Medpore

Alternatives: Fat graft, dermal fillers


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