4 Sure-Fire Ways to Look Polished and Well-Groomed (Beauty Edition)

Maybe you see her on the train, at the café or the pantry in your office. With her hair always perfect and makeup always fresh, she’s the woman who oozes sophistication and confidence. And you think to yourself, she’s someone who has her life together. You may secretly hate her or be envious of her or both. But you also want to be her. Here are some quick but sure-fire beauty and fashion tips to look well-groomed all the time.

1) Ace your Base

apply foundation

Clear and supple skin never goes out of fashion. Cover up with a natural and lightweight foundation for a flawless look. We love Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation because it is ultra-light, refreshing on application and brings out our natural skin colour while making it look soft and radiant. For troubled skin, it’s best to tackle those imperfections with facials or a visit to your dermatologist and not make the skincare mistake of piling on more makeup.


While a Clear Blue facial at SW1 Spa features bacteria-destroying and pore-shrinking blue light to clarify skin, a BB Aquatouch Laser session uses the 1927nm Thulium laser to erase pigmentations, uncovering a refined, smooth and brighter complexion. Here, an experienced dermatologist is immensely helpful and can give insight into how to achieve and maintain a youthful and healthy-looking visage which is more important than hiding skin frequently under makeup.

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2) Lips Don’t Lie

Most women will do their eye makeup and blush every day but the secret to a polished look lies in the lipstick. A bold colour boosts confidence, instantly transforming your look to a killer one. If what you’re going for is a subtle and refreshed look, try rosy, nude shades like the nourishing and rich Tom Ford Lip Colour in Sable Smoke.

tom ford

To keep lips in top form, remember to practice good lip care habits such as exfoliating puckers once a week and moisturising with a lip balm before application. A single Revitalift Lips session where tiny drops of hyaluronic acid are injected into lips can keep lips hydrated and soften lip lines for months to come.

3) No Frizz


A sure-fire way to not look polished and well-groomed is to fail at replicating the instaworthy hair you’ve requested of your hairstylist. Don’t go for a sharp, straight style if you have wavy hair and are not prepared to spend time straightening them every day. Also, avoid pixie crops if heading to the salon for more than twice a year is ridiculous to ask of you. This is because without regular trims, ultra-short hairdos turn into mops very quickly.

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4) Nail It

Bare nails can make you look unfinished. Chipped ones are worse. Change up dull or sloppy-looking nails with a gel manicure (and pedicure if you wear open-toes shoes). Best if a professional does it so your application is smooth and long-lasting. That said, again don’t go dramatic and pay for excessive blings and 3D nail art as they’re not consistent with the well-groomed and immaculate look you’re going after.

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